New Digs

SA+A Architects, who just celebrated their 20 year anniversary, is now located on the 2nd Floor in a newly designed and remodeled space at 214 South Broadway Street in Lake Orion, Michigan. The design and build-out of this new suite was a collaborative effort completed by Steve Auger and the SA+A Architectural team.

The new home, which is double the size of SA+A Architects former space located on the first floor of this same building, has an organic feel with natural wood and a bold color palette. The space was designed to be welcoming to clients. A large table sits as the focal point of the design studio for this purpose, where designers and architects sit and collaborate with clients or fellow team members.

The SA+A staff has more than doubled in size over the last year as well, adding three new Project Managers, an Industrial Designer, and a Senior Project Architect.

The SA+A Architects Team invites you to stop by during regular business hours to see their new “digs” or contact Steve Auger at 248-814-9160 if you have a project that is in need of inspired interior or exterior design services.